Vancouver Community Library

–  Vancouver, Washington  –

Vancouver Community Library is a new 5-story Library with Penthouses and Basement located in downtown Vancouver, Washington. LEED Gold Status.

Unique requirements and challenges:

  • Architectural aesthetics were crucial for this project.
  • This project required a great deal of coordination with other trades utilizing BIM.
  • Sleeves were pre-fabricated in our shop and installed on each floor of the post-tension slab before the concrete was poured.
  • We had someone on site to ensure the sleeves maintained their locations during the pour.
  • The piping was installed in the subfloor and piped down through the sleeves in the floor to pendent sprinklers at the ceiling of the floor below.
  • Locations were critical for the sprinkler head to line up with each other.
  • We also had to be very careful about any cracking of the concrete ceilings which were exposed.
  • Same hangers had to be pre-set in the PT slab to avoid the cables in the floors.